4 Reasons To Add More Screens To Your Outdoor Spaces

4 Reasons To Add More Screens To Your Outdoor Spaces

When it comes to Sun Solutions, there are many different factors that must be taken into consideration. These include the type of screen you need, what size screen is needed for your specific space and how much you want to spend on your new outdoor living area. This blog post will discuss four reasons why adding more screens to your outdoor spaces can have a positive impact on the enjoyment of those who visit!


Allows For More Privacy

Adding a screen can help provide more places for guests to relax and stretch out on. Retractable awnings are perfect for this since they allow you to have your screen up during the day, but completely retracted when it is time to enjoy the outdoors at night! This means that if you want some alone time or just don't want people looking in while you're enjoying dinner outside, all of those worries will be gone once it gets dark!


Layer of Protection

It also provides an extra layer of protection from rain which is very important with retractable sun screens because water damage isn't something anyone wants near their home. The screen can also serve as a wind barrier which is very valuable for those who live in areas that have particularly harsh weather. This will help to protect your furniture, plants and anything else you may want protection from the sun or rain for! With Sun Solutions retractable screens, this screen will be there when it's most needed but gone when you don't need it at all!


Finishes the Look of Your Outdoor Space

Adding the perfect finishing touches to your outdoor space with retractable screens is important when you want it to look its best. This includes adding privacy for guests, protection from bad weather conditions and an overall finished look! With Sun Solutions' wide variety of colors and styles available in our custom designed fabrics, there are endless possibilities that will perfectly match any existing decor or be a completely new addition that will give your home that special touch you've been looking for! These screens can also double as room dividers if desired - giving even more options on how these can fit into different spaces around your house.


Provides Shade

When it comes to screen installation, we at Sun Solutions know the importance of finding a screen that fits in perfectly with your space and provides ample shade when needed. That is why our screens come in both 75% or 50% varieties which can provide some relief from the sun if you need! Not only does this help protect guests who may be spending time outside but also helps reduce energy costs for those families looking to enjoy their outdoor spaces all year long without having to fork out big bucks every month on heating and cooling bills! These retractable screen solutions are perfect because they allow you to easily add more screen where you need them most while still maintaining an open feeling since these screens will disappear when not required.

There are many great reasons to add more screen space to your outdoor living areas. With Sun Solutions' high quality screens, amazing customer service and low prices, there's no excuse why every homeowner shouldn't have screen around their outdoor areas!

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